Teacher administration link:http://earobics.isd728.org


Use this link for lab software installers (current OS X): Step 1 & 2

Earobics, a product of Cognitive Concepts, is a research-based early literacy solution designed to ensure that all students have the foundational skills they need to be successful readers. It aims to provide rich, diverse language experiences and facilitates the transition from spoken language to print. It best fits students in K-3 or of special needs.

Special Services has aquired 10 network license for each Title school, and some other schools have bought 10 licenses as well. Interested staff can request a personal login for the teacher administration web interface with the help of their school’s tech assistants or designated persons. Manuals, guides, stickers and other related resources are available through the same persons.

Current schools licensed:

  • Lincoln
  • Otsego
  • Parker
  • Twin Lakes
  • Westwood
  • Zimmerman Elementary