Blackline Masters

Sandy Berg’s Blackline Masters are worksheets designed for her math program, Thinking Through Math. The worksheets support the strategies found in her two programs, Developing Numerical Power and Number Operations and Algebra. These strategies help support the math curriculum in the elementary and middle school grades.

In order to access the blackline masters, browse the indexes below and choose which pages you need. Then, locate them under the content folders and print them.

K-2 Standards Number Combinations and Algebra

Index [PDF]

Content Folder

3-5 Developing Numerical Power Index


Techie Tip: The content folders can also be accessed using file sharing for easier bulk copying.

From an Apple computer: From the Finder menu choose Go, Connect to Server. Type the server address "" and click Connect. Enter user name "Blackline" and password "master". Choose the Black Line Masters share from the list. Find the mounted share on your desktop and copy the desired pages to your computer.

From a Windows computer: Open My Computer. Enter "\\\blackline masters" in the Address Bar and press Return.  Enter user name "Blackline" and password "master" if prompted. The shared content folders will appear, copy the desired pages to your computer.